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Balcony Railings Make Your Entrance Pop

This Ortega remodel by McAneny Builders needed a little something more around the front entrance, so we lent our years of experience in creating a beautiful trio of aluminum ornamental rails to the balcony. Since aluminum will not rust or corrode like other alloys, these rails will look great for years to come. As this balcony is not built for everyday access, the rails do not have to meet any code and can be built strictly for aesthetics. Slide clips and stainless steel tap-con screws are used to anchor the rails to the stone columns. We use stainless screws in outdoor applications to avoid corrosion issues as much as possible. The rails are finished with a custom bronze 2-part acrolon coating from Sherwin Williams.

When you add everything up, you get a unique, quality product that is built to last. Many other companies would cut corners and shave costs by skimping on the paint, using regular “blue” tap cons that quickly rust in Florida’s challenging climate, or by not spending adequate time on the polishing process to smooth down the welds. Our team of designers, fabricators, painters, and installers take pride in delivering the best possible product to our established and growing clientele.

Edwards Ornamental created the look of this rail for fabrication by using AutoCAD software. We specialize in one-of-a-kind custom ironwork and will work directly with the property owner or their construction team to deliver a unique product. Many companies around the southeast region can’t do what we. A lot focus on the mass-produced, flimsy fence and rail systems that are screwed together and slammed in on the cheap – buyer beware! As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Custom quality iron work takes time and skill to do right.

Go with the best! Choose Edwards.




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