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Brass Newel Post Stair Rail

Marble stairs and brass newel posts are a beautiful combination. This residence off San Jose was recently renovated by Champion Homes, who asked us to update the old wood stair rail to a new custom built wrought iron rail. The home owner wanted something especially elegant, and here is our final result.


The top cap of this steel rail was a traditional dixie cap that ended in a volute at the base of the stair. Every other tread alternates between three standard solid square steel pickets and a custom design with rosettes. Each picket is secured to the marble with screws into the marble that are concealed by cast steel shoes. This is a very tedious and delicate process that our experienced professionals know how to do without damaging the marble. 


The goose neck and curved portion of this rail were fabricated on site but two of our talented craftsmen. Once they have bent and welded together a “skeleton” of the rail on site, they can then bring that back to our shop where we can weld, grind, polish, and paint it to your liking. 







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