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Community Access System for Old Still

This completed project for the Old Still community on Jacksonville’s south side really shows the full extent of services that Access Control Jacksonville can provide in conjunction with our parent company, Edwards Ornamental Iron. The end result is a perfectly functioning access system that will reliably operate for years to come.


The custom fabricated drive gates are operated by commercial quality Viking F-1 swing gate operators with battery backup. It’s very important to properly size the gate operator to the weight, length and surface area of the gate it’ll be used on – it’s always better to over engineer your system! Along those lines, it’s also important to use the proper amount of concrete to mount the operator on. A common mistake many companies make is that they cut corners on how large the concrete footer needs to be and mount an operator on a pad that is way undersized for the application. Commercial gate operators are very powerful machines and a pad that is too light will move as the gate opens and closes, causing damage to the operator and/or malfunctions.

We install all new systems in compliance with the latest UL and ASTM industry standards. With these gates, we installed vehicle loop detectors under the pavers and infrared safety beams on the columns to properly protect pedestrians and vehicles from entrapment and gate strikes. ASTM standards have recently updated to require each vehicular gate to have at least two safety devices installed, so make sure you’re protected!

The walk gates were equipped with hydraulic self-closing hinges, magnetic locks, and card readers to ensure that unwanted foot traffic was kept in check.


These gates were made from custom rolled aluminum tubing with added decorative rivets. The powder coat finish will hold up to the harsh Florida summers much better than paint. The faux wood paneling was added by others and is a very popular look right now.


The access system used in this application was the DoorKing 1835 telephone entry using a traditional hard wire dedicated telephone line. DoorKing also has some great cellular based models, as does Viking with their Elika line of models. The industry is moving towards cellular based telephone entry systems for numerous reasons and if you’re in an area that has reliable cell signal, it’s what we’d recommend.
For community residents, we installed a BAI bar code scanner for easy everyday access. Cameras were mounted to monitor the entry to insure the property against damage and liability.


If you have any questions, please feel free to give our friendly experts a call at (904) 354-4282. Whether you’re a private homeowner, property manager, contractor, or architect – we can work with you to deliver the access system you need.

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