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Floating Staircase in Ponte Vedra

We recently finished a very unique “floating” staircase for a contractor out at a residence in Ponte Vedra Beach. The homeowners wanted a staircase that would not have any vertical supports underneath the treads so as to allow for better use of space and a more modern look. We love the result! Take a look–


Fabricating the stringers and treads at our shop in downtown Jacksonville. We worked with the contractor’s engineers to create a design that would safely carry the load without supporting vertical beams. Every tread is diligently squared, leveled, and spaced to meet code. Every weld is ground, polished, and finished to create a smooth, clean appearance. Quality is what you get with Edwards Ornamental Iron!


After finishing the fabrication process, the stringers are then taken to be sandblasted. Sandblasting further smooths the finish and creates a slightly textured surface that holds paint better.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Amet, amet ac vestibulum commodo vulputate egestas. Sit congue mauris ultrices orci, mauris ac. In at maecenas risus pellentesque enim nec, donec. Scelerisque arcu molestie mattis eros, risus gravida posuere imperdiet nunc. Magna arcu, nam tristique nisl egestas netus in. Scelerisque arcu molestie mattis eros, risus gravida posuere imperdiet nunc. Magna arcu, nam tristique nisl egestas netus in.


Installation of the stringers was a challenge but nothing too much for us! The stringers have a zinc primer coating (final coat done on site by contractor in this case). In order to achieve the floating aspect, we first put in the main stringer running left to right on your screen. 3/4” threaded rods were mounted into the poured concrete walls using high strength 2 part anchoring epoxy. Getting the main stringer absolutely perfect was crucial. The other two stringers were then raised with the roastabout lift, put into place, and welded on site to the main stringer.



Finished rough stair case before being painted and wood treads added


And here you go! Finished look before final cleanup.


Our 1/2” mounting plate are now hidden beneath the finished tile work. The steel railings have been fabricated, finished, and installed by our team onto the top of the wood treads. 






The homeowners were very happy with how this project came out! It truly is the focal point of a beautiful home. If you’d like to know more about this project or have an idea for your own unique staircase, give us a call or email today!

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