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Interior Cable Rails as seen on HGTV

We recently had a customer come in with an idea to replace her old wooden stair rails with a new cable rail system from a design she saw on an HGTV program. It’s pretty common for us to get a question along the lines of, “We saw this rail or gate on a show we watch/Pinterest, can you do something like that?”. To which we say, “Sure!”. As a custom metal fabricator, we have the craftsmen and equipment to complete almost any design you come across. This was the design that the customer brought in:


And here is what we made in our shop to match before being finished, painted, and strung with a stainless steel Feeney cable system:


And here is the end result!






Cable rails are very popular right now for their modern appearance and minimal interference with sight lines or views. If you’re interested in updating your interior or exterior rails or have a new construction project beginning soon, give us a call or email and we’d be happy to help!

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