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Spiral Stair Case for Ashcroft Marine

Spiral staircases are cool, space saving additions to any multi-level project!

We’ve been working on one for Ashcroft Marine that will be installed today. In this picture, you can see some of our fabricators testing the fit of the stair inside of downtown shop. It’s tricky getting all the angles, stairs, and landing exactly where they need to be and its best to make absolutely sure we got it right before taking it out to be installed.

After diligently polishing down the welds and splatter marks from the fabrication process, we then loaded up this stair case and took it over to our friends at Atlantic Powder Coating. Here you can see the stair hanging in the cooling area after baking in their large ovens:

The customer went with a nice cream color that we think will look just great on their new dock. But why go with a powder coated finish? Two main reasons: 1) the coating is a more durable finish that resists abrasions better than paint and 2) powder coating retains its true color against fading to the sun better than paint. Powder coating was originally created to be an environmentally friendlier version of traditional painting, so if you care about the Earth like we do, then maybe powder coating is the way to go!

Instead of the powder being dissolved in chemicals that then dissipate as the paint cures, powder coating electrostatically applies the powder to the material without the need for harmful chemicals. It is then baked in large industrial ovens at 350 degrees to form the bond with the material.

This powder coated aluminum spiral stair case will provide decades of low-maintenance use for the homeowners. If you’re thinking about getting one yourself, just give us a call or email and we’ll get the process started! We’ve been in business since 1964 and for good reason. We have the experience and skill to provide you with a spiral stair that you’ll be happy with for a long, long time!


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